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The Truth About
Commercial Arbitration

With 90 years of trustworthy service, the American Arbitration Association knows how to quickly and effectively resolve disputes. Here are a few reasons why arbitration may be the best solution around – for everybody.

“Products of the Mind”
Require Special Handling

Arbitration surpasses litigation for intellectual property disputes.

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2016 AAA B2B Dispute Resolution Statistics

Newly released key statistics from the AAA detail its business caseload.
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Updated Figures: How to Understand and Control Arbitration Costs

Parties can select from numerous elements to control the time and cost of an arbitration.

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Customize an Arbitration Clause for Your Contract:
Free Online ClauseBuilder® Tool

This video tutorial guides you through creating a clear and effective clause, the foundation of a cost-effective, efficient dispute resolution process.

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AAA®-ICDR® Arbitration Clauses:
Considerations and Resources for Business Contracts

This video series provides short informative takes on how to utilize arbitration clauses and why they are beneficial in business contracts.
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Top 10 Ways to Make Arbitration
Faster and More Cost Effective

While arbitration is a quick and cost-effective way to resolve disputes, it’s not always easy to see how. Here, we show you the top 10 expert ways to make arbitration better for all involved.

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Research Report

Arbitration is faster to resolution than court—and the difference can be assessed monetarily.

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Infographic: B2B Arbitration
Results for Five Key Industries

4,434 cases administered by the AAA across five key U.S. business sectors, with billions of dollars in claims, challenge the myth that arbitration is becoming as lengthy and expensive as litigation.
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